5th National ICT Innovation Competition Final Evaluation Criteria.

If you are a finalist. You must prepare to present and demo to get 5/5 in each criteria.

The evaluation criteria are 3 in categories: 

1. Relevance of the application

1.1. How much National or Social Impact does the idea have?
1.2. How innovative is the idea?
1.3. How important is it to have such an app/software in the area selected?
1.4. How applicable can it be in its selected area?
1.5. Have the needs of the target stakeholder been clearly defined and does the software application address them appropriately?
1.6. How much number of users will it have or attract users?
1.7. How much Business Value does the idea have?
1.8. How much can the application win over existing similar apps?

2. Design and Implementation of the app

2.1. What is the level of the Technology used?
2.2. How much Programming complexity does the app has?
2.3. How much effort spent in developing the app?
2.4. Does the app has an intensity to be upgraded, more features to entertain?
2.5. Does the app solved issues like security, performance?
2.6. How well is the GUI designed in terms of easy to learn, easy to use, clear understanding of what data or input actions is required of the user?

3. Presentation and Demonstration

3.1. How well prepared and presented the idea?
3.2. How much the developers incorporate comments from mid-term evaluation?
3.3. Does the demonstration show the main functionalities of the application?




6th National ICT Innovation Competition 2017

Applying for the competition: Closed on July 29, 2017

First Round Screening Result: August 8, 2017

Orientation to Applicants: August 11, 2017

Mid-term Evaluation: Started on September 11