There are three departments under the ICT Center of Excellence.


Research and Development


The CoE is mandated to conduct use-inspired ICT research, produce innovative technologies, carry out market oriented training and/or education of ICT professionals, disseminate relevant state-of-the-art ICT tools and best practices, and provide consultancy services in relevant areas of ICT that are not addressed by other organizations.


Education and Training

The Center, in addition to overcoming the disadvantages inherent in the current scattered efforts, is expected to ensure that ICT development in Ethiopia is rapid, relevant and competitive by assembling the best minds in the field to engage in well defined tasks and objectives. The training activities on advanced topics will promote skills development and retention within the country by attracting competent professionals and providing them with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and produce results that excel.

Consulting and Outreach Department


The C&O Department will contribute to the ICT CoE’s goals of contributing to the development and use of ICT to help accelerate the achievement of national development goals in general and specific sector goals, namely in ICT, Health, Education and Agriculture. The C&O Department will do so by implementing programs in the areas of consulting and outreach.







6th National ICT Innovation Competition 2017

Applying for the competition: Closed on July 29, 2017

First Round Screening Result: August 8, 2017

Orientation to Applicants: August 11, 2017

Mid-term Evaluation: Started on September 11